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Solidarity with Palestine!

October 14, 2015: International Day of Action: register your event

On October 14th, 2015, students all over the world will launch campaigns, projects, actions, boycotts, and more to demand justice in Palestine and end their universities’ complicity in Israel’s war crimes. As Israel continues the longest lasting military occupation and settler colonial project in modern history, university leaders and administrators worldwide have become complicit in Israel’s violation of Palestinian human rights by investing in companies that prop up Israel’s occupation, targeting students and faculty activists, advancing academic cooperation with Israeli universities, cooperating with anti-Palestinian organizations on campus, and more.

On October 14th—the 62nd anniversary of Israel’s 1953 massacre of 69 mostly women and children Palestinians in Qibya, and the date of beloved Palestinian American leader and activist Rasmea Odeh’s legal appeal against her political prosecution—students say no! Let us stand together and courageously speak out for justice! Let us assert the Palestine narrative and end the Zionist influence on our university campuses!

Read our action statement or find an event happening near you.

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